3 Servings

15 min Prep, 1 h Cook


Allergy Friendly


If you’re a big fan of hot and spicy food, you’re at the right place, so take a seat.
The biggest challenge was the precision of the measurements, ensuring that all the flavour comes through with the level of heat.
What you’ll find with a lot of Caribbean cooking is that we have a tendency to marinate the meat dishes overnight as opposed to marinating for a number of hours. Of course this isn’t a general rule of thumb, simply a cultural observation for the most part.
This is a spicy paleo taste, so if you’re on a paleo diet and want to introduce some Caribbean flavours, why not try this Haitian recipe.
Go on what are you waiting for………get in that kitchen and commence cooking pronto!

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Cooking Stages

    • Puree the scallion, garlic, green pepper, parsley, thyme, pink salt, lime, scotch bonnet with ½ a cup of water in either a blender or food processor.

    • Pour the mixture onto the chicken and allow the chicken to be infused overnight.

    • Preheat the oven at 230 degrees celsius or gas mark 8

    • Line a roasting pan with aluminium foil and use a tong to carefully remove the chicken from the marinade. If using the fry pan/dutch oven method simply brown the chicken for 8-10 minutes on medium heat.

    • Roast the chicken in the oven for roughly 45 minutes, turning half way through to brown each side.

    • Put the marinade back in the refrigerator until needed.

    • In the meantime heat the coconut oil on medium heat and sautee the bell peppers with onion for 10 minutes, stirring until soft.

    • Add the tomato continuing to sautee everything for another minute.

    • Add the green marinade, 1 cup of water and browned chicken. Bring to the boil and reduce heat allowing the meat to braise for 20-25 minutes until tender.

    • Half way through cooking time season with additional pink salt, black pepper and gently stir.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 671 g

Amount Per Serving
Calories 820 cals41%
% Daily Value*
Kilojoules 3438 kJ41%
Fat 48.8 g75%
Sodium 912.1 mg40%
Carbohydrate 16.4 g5%
Protein 76.8 g154%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


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