VITL GREEN + GREEN BANANA BREAD by Ania's Vibrant Kitchen  | Mealz


3 Servings

10 min Prep, 45 min Cook


Contains Almonds and more


When VITL asked if I would like to try their new product and a recipe for banana bread that contained their new Greens superfood powder, I said YES!
''Good health starts with good nutrition and with VITL Greens it just got easier. Simply add our 25 calorie, energy boosting blend of superfoods to water, juice or even a meal and start nourishing your body instantly.''
Every single sachet of this amazing blend of 19 ingreadients like: Organic Whole Spirulina, Flaxseed, Maca Root, Coconut Sugar, Date Fruit, Organic Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Organic Broken Cell Wall Chlorella, Dried Goji Berry, Natural Vanilla Flavouring , Strawberry, Blueberry, Kale Leaf, Broccoli, Florets and Stalk, SeagreensĀ® Arctic Seaweed, Beetroot Juice, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Turmeric Root Powder, Corn Maltodextrin.
I also made delicious banana bread with the ingredients VITL kindly provided. Delicious and super healthy.

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Cooking Stages

    • Blend together the wet ingredients.

    • Combine the wet ingredients with the dry mix

    • Pour into a bread tin greased with coconut oil and lined with baking parchment

    • Bake at 180 degrees (gas mark 4) for 40-45 minutes until cooked right through

    • Allow to cool on a wire rack

    • Note: Apart from the adding VITL greens into the banana bread I also used them in smoothies and green juices, yummm.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 218.3 g

Amount Per Serving
Calories 506 cals25%
% Daily Value*
Kilojoules 2122 kJ25%
Fat 14.3 g22%
Sodium 571.4 mg25%
Carbohydrate 32.7 g11%
Protein 24.5 g49%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


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