8 Days Meal Plan

32 Recipes

Easy Difficulty

Contains Eggs and more

Alex Price, B.S. in Ed. 🍏 Nutritionist 🍏 Holistic Health Coach 🍏 Diabetes Educator 🍏 Paleo/Clean Eating 🍏 Grain/Gluten-Free Recipes & Ideas DNA, LLC™

28 Detox Recipes + 4 Detox Recipes Free. Clean Eating Meals to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset your Body. Each recipe makes about 4 servings, which will make about 128-130 total meals.

This is a Special Blood Sugar Stabilizing and Immunity Boosting Program designed by Alex Price: Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Certified Associate Diabetes Educator.

Following this meal plan may aid in:

- Healthy Digestion

- Weight Management

- Liver Cleansing

- Inflammation Fighting

- Free-Radicals Fighting

- Immunity Boost

- Anti-Inflammatory Boost

- Heart Health Support

- Vision Health Support

- Brain Health Support

- Diabetes Control and Management

All Recipes are:

- Paleo (Grain-Free, No Refined Sugars)

- Gluten-Free

- High in Fiber

- High in Omega-3

- High in Protein

- High in Healthy Fats

- Full of Antioxidant Power

- Blood Sugar Stabilizing Vegetables and Herbs

Meal Plan is a pre-planned collection of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a select period of time and is designed by our authors at “Mealz” to help you achieve your health goals.Meal Plans can vary from result-oriented plans such as a “Detox Meal Plans” or “Weight Loss Meal Plans”, to plain and simple “Vegetarian” or “Paleo” plans for those who might want to try out a different diet. To put it simply - a Meal Plan is designed for hassle-free support of your healthy lifestyle and healthy eating!With every Meal Plan – Purchased or Free – you will get a minimum of 3 meals per day with step-by-step instruction that are easy to follow in our easy to use recipe format!

How to use a meal plan?

We made it ridiculously simple to follow a meal plan by designing a unique digital experience.Here’s how to use it in a three simple steps:

  1. Buy a meal plan in Meal Plans section (or just add it to your cookbook if it’s free)
  2. Go to My Planner, and Drag & Drop the Meal Plan from your Cookbook to the day when you wish to start following the plan
  3. Log in every day to see recipes, instructions and ingredients that you need.

Q: How long is the Meal Plan?

You can find a wide selection of different meal plans on our platform. The duration varies from 1 day up to a month. To find out the duration of the meal plan, refer to the number in a calendar icon next to each meal plan or see duration field in the Meal Plan description above.

Q: What are the benefits of following a Meal Plans?

Following a Meal Plan is an effective way to achieve your specific health goals or transition to a healthier lifestyle. To find out more about the importance of meal planning, follow the link →The Importance of Meal Planning

Q: Who are the Meal Plans designed by?

The Meal Plans are designed by our Mealz authors. Our best meal plans are approved by professional nutritionists — please see description of each individual plan for details.

Q: Can I substitute some of the recipes with my own ones?

You cannot change the existing plan, although you can certainly add new recipes and schedule more dished in your Planner.

Q: Are the results guaranteed?

If you choose the suitable Meal Plan and follow it through as advised you are most likely to achieve your health goals. However, we cannot guarantee specific results as they also depend on factors outside of the eating habit.

Q: Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for purchased meal plans or recipes. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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