Build a smart recipe hub to engage with customers and drive product sales.

Our proprietary software helps food brands build a custom online recipe platform to establish and grow a loyal online community and promote product sales, available as recipes.<yourbrand>.com.

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Mealz is a white label recipe platform for forward-thinking food brands.

Mealz enables food brands to easily build a professional and up-to-date recipe hub, unlocking a new revenue stream and generating a significant ROI.


Recipe Hub Capabilities

Enable content creators to share recipes with their branded ingredients.

Mealz Recipe Hub helps food brands generate and share branded content across a focused audience base to boost customer engagement.

By integrating the Mealz recipe platform into their website and collaborating with influencers on it, food brands can build large and loyal communities.

    Features Include:

  • Add and share recipes
  • Search for recipes from popular bloggers and chefs
  • Save, store and organise recipes in a personalised planner
  • Create meal plans
  • Create and share beautiful and cookbooks
  • Benefit from automatically generated shopping lists
  • Control nutritional intake

Communities and Social Networks

Make sharing simple, create viral reach and build engaged communities.

With the rise of social media and content marketing, customers demand two-way communication with companies and want to feel closer to the brands that they love.

Designed to drive consumer loyalty, Mealz’s software enables food brands to work directly with content creators and to offer an interactive and engaging experience for people who search for recipes online.

Creating a hub where the food brands, influencers and home cooks come together and become a part of one strong community has never been easier!


Articles and Nutrition Content

Provide nutritional advice and helpful content to savvy users.

Mealz enables food brands to write and share informative articles and videos about their products and provide current and potential customers with nutritional knowledge.


Cooking Productivity

Engage users with professional cooking features and helpful tips.

Allow your customers to create and share their own recipes, cooking videos, cookbooks and daily meal plans. Our automatically generated shopping lists make grocery shopping easier than ever.


Customisable and Scalable

Customise the website with your branding and scale internationally.

Mealz’s technology is the fastest way to deploy and scale brands’ own recipe platforms.

Food brands can now customise the look and feel of their recipe platforms and offer a unique cooking experience without the need to write any code. Mealz delivers value in weeks, not years!

Our enterprise grade software will scale with you!

Give your brand an agile and powerful recipe platform.

Deploy your own powerful recipe platform in minutes
Beautiful recipe platform that is responsive and customisable
Promote ingredient sales through recipe content
Create a community through social features
Engage with your customers and offer them a unique experience

What is Mealz?

Mealz is a world-class recipe platform for forward-thinking brands.

Mealz is a world-class recipe platform for forward-thinking brands. Mealz allows food brands to offer a professional recipe hub to their demanding consumers and incentivises user engagement, content generation, sharing and monetisation.


Can I customise colours?

Yes, you can change all colours on the platform.

Can I completely change the look of the platform?

Yes, you can. With a few lines of CSS code, UI designers can completely customise the look of your platform and ensure it looks fits the company’s broader branding.

Do I need to hire developers to integrate your software into our website?

Our standard product does not require any further integration work, but if for those who wish to customise the look of the platform, a developer can do so with a few lines of CSS code.

We do not want to hire developers. Can you help us customise the platform?

Yes, we can help place you in contact with our community of developers who are already familiar with the existing core product and how the platform works.

Where can I get recipes?

You can upload your own recipes, or ask Mealz to place you in touch with content creators who will generate recipes with your product in the ingredients.