All you need to know about love & self acceptance! by Marie Felton | Mealz

All you need to know about love & self acceptance!

The pursuit of happiness is in finding true self acceptance!

 Be who & what you are, always be your genuine self!

Follow your own inner voice and always listen to common sense!

Listen & take on board the advice of others, but always make up your own mind!

Learn to Recognise, embrace, and celebrate your unique talents!

Always Stand up for what you believe in and you will gain the Self respect from yourself and Others around you!

Know that being ‘different’ is a unique gift!

Understand that you are enriching all that know you by being yourself!

Respect Yourself! Because The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself so always be kind!

Make your self a priority once in a while & Value Yourself as you would all others.

Surround yourself with an aura of positivity that reminds you of this daily!

Know & feel your true worth!

Learn to let things go, you can’t change what you can’t control! Learn to give no f***s!!

Accept Yourself! Self love is the greatest f*** you of all time!

To be truly beautiful means to be completely yourself. When you stop hating on yourself! You don’t need to be accepted or validated by others. You just need to love & accept yourself. You are worthy of that!

Stop comparing yourself to others for that s**t! Is soul destroying, it will only kill you mind, body & spirit!

Love Yourself! You must love yourself before you can love any other. By accepting yourself and fully being what & who you are. Remind yourself that! Yes! i am strong, yes! I am weak, yes! I am flawed, Yes! I am broken.Yes! I am vulnerable. YES I am human. And despite these flaws, it’s ok! I give myself permission to love myself unconditionally. I am a growing, learning & evolving being, who uses my past mistakes as a fuel for my journey of growth & discovery. From now on I accept myself for all I am, and I set this as my intention to become the person I truly want to be.

Expand Your horizons & Exercise your mind to Develop Self-Acceptance understand who you are, accept you have been and strive towards who want to be, reconnect to your heart remember & who you are!

Always be grateful for every little thing!, show kindness, practice forgiveness, & always believe in your self. Never ever! stop dreaming! live a life without fear & never let self doubt hold you captive! For It’s your time to shine my lovely!


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