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8 Succesful Slimming Secrets you need to know!

Here’s my 8 Top Tips to become a successful healthier, happy slimmer! YOU!

Tip 1 and 2) Get motivated! and Stay motivated! – A new year is great for kick starting your motivation, it’s got to be the number one resolution made every 31st December, but how do we stay positive and motivated to follow our commitment through?

Firstly rid your mind of any negative thinking – Ask yourself! Q: why do you want to lose weight, why do you want to become fitter and healthier? If it’s a short term goal for example for a friends wedding, reunion or post pregnancy ask your self?

Q: what’s going to keep the weight off long term?… Trust in the process! Your on the right track! I love positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, I keep a picture of me looking fabulous on my fridge to remind me of how healthy and well I look! It also stops me from being tempted to raid the fridge for midnight munchies. If you’re really brave you could post your intention and pics into social media, you always get a little negativity but on the whole it’s a worth while the support can be amazing and very motivating! Short term goals are great they get you to a crossroads of where you really want to be, but you will definitely have to look at setting some long term goals.

Top Tip – Think of the whole picture, see the future all those possible events the coming year has to offer, you want to be prepared for them! You want to look your very best don’t you?

Now ask yourself? – Q: Am I ready to lose weight and get fit! What’s the best way it get started?

A: I am so pleased you have been motivated and inspired to lose weight and get fit and healthy! By making the conscious decision to change you have already begun the journey to a healthier lifestyle! A change for life! Just by changing your mindset and believing you are capable of change, nothing is unachievable to an open and willing mind, we all have the power deep inside of us to gain control of our lives, reach our goals and to live out our dreams. The challenge comes in locating negative triggers, that sabotage our ability to nurture self belief.

Step 1) – The first thing we need to understand is how your emotions and behaviours affect your weight, you need to commit all your mental resources towards healthy positive change. Learn how to to take control of negative self image and poor self esteem this could be through keeping a diary/journal or blogging, positive daily affirmations, visualisation and cognitive therapy. It’s so important to build a strong support system communicate with your family and friends so they know how best to support you. Identify temptations and trigger foods (foods you have a hard time controlling, or you can’t live with out!) in your life so you can adapt and modify your daily routine and behaviours.

Step 2 ) – We must learn how and what to eat, learn to make healthier choices and make it a priority to find out what’s the right types of food for your unique metabolism, then you can educate yourself about calories (not all calories are equal) How many is your body burning daily? How many are in the foods I am eating? How many calories burnt during exercise or physical activities? Starting to see the whole picture? Weight loss is not rocket science, just simple math. A pound is 3,500 cals so to lose a pound you will need to burn 3,500 kcals more than you take in! It’s cals in vs cals out! Showdown!!

This is where daily exercise an activity comes in, exercise is the best way to get those unwanted cals out! and to burn FAT. Make exercise your new “best friend”. Find out the most effective ways to workout (i can help you with this) in order to burn the most efficient amount of calories. It’s also important to learn where your heart rate should be during resistance and cardio training, the proper form and purpose do each exercise you perform, and how to modify and progress your health and fitness routine to prevent plateau.

How to get started and really succeed?

Tip 3 – Get perspective All to often we concentrate on that one number we see on the scale – Forget the scale! It’s only a number!…We forget to pay attention to the subtle changes that are happening inside and outside our bodies, tummies becoming flatter, no bloat!, waists narrowing, arms toning, smaller sexier hips, if you are doing the exercise, eating clean and within your daily allowance and keeping up with your cardio, you will be undoubtedly be in better shape, your clothes Will fit you better, you will have loads more energy! Keep working at it and eventually the pounds will melt off!

DONT FIXATE ON THE SCALE! Yes the number is a reflection of all the hard work you have or have not been putting in, but the important thing is to take into account how you feel! How much energy you have and how happy you feel!

Q: Are your clothes fitting you better? Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better? These are just as important as the effects as the movement on the scale!

Tip 4 – Get focused It’s pretty simple for me I stay focused because I read lots of exercise and health mags, I study new nutrition and exercise practices, try new recipes, I have my page and blog, I connect with other like minded people it’s great motivation and support!

Q: what will focus you? Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is all about keeping your focus, it’s all to easy to fall off the wagon and start to feel unmotivated, but the best way to stick within your programme is to concentrate on how you feel and how these changes are having a positive effect on your health and well being.

Tip 5 -Get moving! Try setting small, easily achievable goals and work up! (Try 10,000 steps a day challenge) from there, try ie: I will workout 3x per week for at least 30 mins then the following week add an extra day or an extra 10 mins. You have to determine what your motivation is and work at it from there… I can’t stress enough! – Make your goals specific, measurable and attainable, I’m not saying set your expectations low, but making ridiculous over ambitious goals is a recipe for failure. Only set yourself goals your confident you can accomplish – Goals are a great way to keep and stay motivated.

Tip 6 – Get support Hire a personal trainer – A trainer is a great tool and person to hold you accountable and keep you focused and motivated. I know many won’t be able to afford P/T but the benefits can be well worth the fee! Consider splitting the cost with a friend, join a Facebook support group or running club.

Tip 7 – Get cooking! 80% kitchen 20% exercise Abbs are made in the kitchen! I like to follow an 80/20 rule. I love to cook fresh homemade foods, I make sure my fridge is always well stocked with lots of healthy fresh produce and snacks.

Top Tip – Keep carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes for an anytime grab and go snack! This is something i practice everyday, I’m constantly on the go! So I have very little time to fuss around looking for something to eat! I always plan and prep ahead! This will also help you stick to your daily intake (calorie count). I always keep a healthy snack handy in my handbag and gym bag, a piece of fruit, almonds, 9 bar.

Top Tip – Find a weekday where you can set aside some time to prepare snacks and meals, so when the week gets hectic and takes a crazy turn, you can stick to eating healthy.

Tip 8 – Get energised! Feeling energised and motivated is hard to find when you feel like crap! So when I notice this I take a little “ME” time – Do something that makes you happy and relaxed! Take a long hot bath, paint your nails, go for a night out with the girls, spend time with family, listen to music, go for a walk – Get back to nature.

Q: What makes you happy and relaxed? It’s so easy to get distracted, disheartened or bored and turn to food and the sofa for comfort or entertainment especially when feel like you have fell off the wagon! Do anything that is non food related to occupy and rid your mind of negative thoughts and an unhealthy attitude… Idle hands make fat asses!!

Thanks for reading! Now Get going and good luck!! Have a great day! Nothing But Love, Health and Happiness – Marie X


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