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Meet Kaylee Slater Naturally Nutty

Meet Kaylee from Naturally Nutty!
19 years old! A foodie studying nutrition and dietetics!  🍏💪

Tell us a little about your self

I am 19 years old, live in Sydney and finished high school last year. I have been interested in healthy living and eating for about 5 years now, but only recently became extremely invested in recipe development, food research and natural and holistic nutrition. I am extremely active, love to exercise and be outdoors and am a huge foodie. I will travel anywhere for a great meal and enjoy finding new restaurants and cafes (especially if I can find a healthy option on the menu!) I am studying Nutrition and Dietetics next year at Newcastle University and one day hope to run my own practice whereby I can converse with clients and invest my time in helping them live a healthy live and still enjoy eating!! I also would love to be an inspirational and motivational speaker as I can find myself talking to anyone (or anything!) and love to surround myself with lots of people at all times!

What is your relationship with health and food?

I had quite a rough relationship with food and health at the beginning of my teen years and hope to one day share my story with others. Now however, I absolutely love to create new recipes, and cook for my friends and family. I am extremely interested in health and wellbeing, ensuring I keep my body nourished and energetic, whilst still enjoying an occasional treat. I do not feel guilty about “naughty” foods and allow myself to indulge occasionally so that I can lead a healthy life, as well as loving my meals and feeling happy and satisfied at all times! As I will always say, you should never feel deprived!

When, How and Why did your interest for health food start?

My interest for healthy food really started when I was about 13/14, but that’s what I ‘thought’ was health food. I have had a rocky relationship with food when I was a bit younger and I think that’s what really makes me so motivated to inspire and help others, as well as allow myself to never feel deprived and always enjoy every single bite I take. I am also so involved in healthy eating as I always want to feel nourished and energetic and I truly believe that food is the core to how we function on a daily basis.

How often do you cook?

I cook all the time! I am literally always in the kitchen!! When someone doesn’t know where to find me at home, they will first try the kitchen, because 9 times out of 10 that’s where I am. I love to help my mom cook dinners, I make myself breakfast and lunch every day for work without fail, and I am always trying to get my family and boyfriend to eat healthier, thus I offer to cook for them!

When creating recipes what do you always keep in mind?
Definitely sugar and salt content as well as good fats. I try to keep the sugar and salt contents as low as possible and will ALWAYS use unrefined, natural and low GI varieties. Whereas for the fats, I will ensure that I am using the best varieties for our bodies and am very cautious when heating different oils, as the healthiest varieties e.g. olive oil, can turn into a horrible trans fat when heated to high temperatures! Thus, depending on what I am doing with the oils, I will choose different types.

Where do you get your inspirations?

From various nutritionists and dietitians, as well as my family. My favorite nutritionist to follow is Jessica Sepel. I love her outlook on life and healthy living and her food looks just delicious! Also, I know what my family love and their favorite foods, so I definitely try and recreate all these foods for them, whilst still ensuring they are nutritious!

What are your staple items in your fridge?

In my fridge there is always unsweetened or homemade almond milk, plain greek yogurt, kale (yes I legitimately love the taste, sometimes I snack on it plain – yes I know that’s weird), spinach, bananas and berries.

What gives you energy in the morning?
The thought of getting up and working out (no joke – I love it!) It gives me so much energy after I have had my workout and I truly feel amazing and ready for the day! On my rest days however, the thought of breakfast gives me energy! I LOVE breakfast, its by far my favourite meal!

Top 3 foods you cant live without

Oats, kale (weird once again I know) and avocado.

Where is your go-to restaurant?

This would have to be About Life. You are always guaranteed a delicious and healthy meal and never leave feeling unsatisfied. I go AT LEAST once a week. Once my boyfriend tried to make a deal with me that I couldn’t last a week without going there. I told him of course I could! Yeah, didn’t last :P

How often do you create new recipes?
Definitely, at least 3 times a week. I am always creating new recipes, whether it is a salad dressing, a new dessert, or some kind of breakfast dish.

Do you study others for new recipe ideas?
Of course! I think it’s a great way to get inspiration and learn new variations that you may not have even thought of before.

 What is your kryptonite? – If you could cheat and eat anything
Haha mine is messina (for non aussies, this is the best ice cream in the world – my opinion!) I seriously love it! I am really not a huge dessert lover, but offer me crazy ice cream flavours and I am so down. Like I said, I never feel deprived!

Favorite toppings on a salad?
Kale, roasted pumpkin, love chickpeas in salads and something crunchy like roasted nuts and seeds! I love to roast my own and flavour them with Moroccan spice, yumm!!

Sweet tooth or Savory?

Hmm that’s hard! It really depends on my mood. At the moment I am loving nice cream (banana ice cream) for breakfast, so you could say its sweet in the morning, but then by lunch I am a salad girl all the way! I know I sound like such a typical health foodie but I seriously LOVE a really good salad haha!

What do you eat when you get a sweet craving through out the day?
Juicy medjool date filled with either a raw walnut (found this in Barcelona and am sold) or filled with almond butter. Dates are so super sweet that after this, you literally cannot have another morsel of sweetness!

Where do you compile all your recipes?

I have a little red book that I write EVERYTHING in! Even if it didn’t work, it goes in there to be tested and changed at a later date. I would die if I lost it.

What would you consider the most challenging in maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle and habit?
Definitely time. It is so easy to give in to pressures of a busy lifestyle and just get takeaways or quick pre-packaged food. However motivation, past experiences and a genuine love and passion for health keeps me going!

Are you active? If so what fitness regime do you follow?
I am one of the most active people you will meet! Sometimes I family say I am actually too active! I can lie down on my bed for a few hours, but after that I am ready to get up and do something! I exercise at least 5 times a week, usually 6, but will always and without fail have one day of rest. I believe this rest day or 2 is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I will generally do 2/3 days cardio – either just a 30 minute powerwalk with stretching and foam rolling (a must) and 3 days of weight training. I also love to sprint, so will do 1 or 2 days of a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.

If you could give advise on someone adapting to a new healthy life style what would it be?
Take SMALL STEPS, believe in yourself and never EVER deprive yourself (I am telling you now, it does not work.) And just enjoy the adaption. Enjoy the feeling of nourishment, embrace exercise (but ensure it’s the right type for you), create new flavours and make sure that whatever you are eating, you like the taste of!


How does planning your meals in advance help?
Absolutely. Especially for dinners, as I cant afford, nor do I or my family have the time to do grocery shopping every day, so we plan what we are going to make for the week. I also believe that planning helps keep you on track and keep one from slipping back into that idea of ‘lets just get takeout.’ It ensures you know what you are eating and how much of which nutrients you are putting into your body. And also helps to make healthy living more affordable and effortless.




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