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Meet Janine

Getting to Know Janine from Nuts and Blueberries

Janine has a lot to offer the world. She is not only a serious yoga practitioner who takes the physical practice off her mat and into her life, but she also has a passion for cooking and for super healthy foods like almond milk, cashew nuts, and avocado. Her family consists of her beloved husband and her three cute cats, and they live together in a small German village.

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Sharing a Passion for Healthy Living

Janine is the type of person who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising. Beyond that, though, she wants to share her insights with others who would like to do the same.

As a person with a passion for vegan and vegetarian foods, she thoroughly enjoys being active in her kitchen, and she is always discovering new ingredients for naturally healthy meals that anyone would love.

In terms of her relationship with healthy living and food, in particular, Janine states, "I have a very close relationship to vegan and vegetarian food because I love healthy living and eating so much. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen or on the farmer market."

Where the Inspiration Comes From

When it comes to crafting new and unique healthy recipes, Janine makes it a point to "combine different flavors and spices." She enjoys working with a variety of ingredients, and she also loves using a lot of different fruits and vegetables to craft hearty, delicious meals that are filling and nutritious for all body types.

As far as inspiration goes, Janine gets hers simply from all of the amazing and lovely food bloggers that are out there. Other recipe creators also inspire Janine to do what she does. These include Amy Chaplin, My New Roots, and Green Kitchen Stories.

In addition to fellow recipe creators and food bloggers, Janine also draws consistent inspiration through her Instagram account, where she has connected with, and developed close relationships with, other women who are pursuing a healthy way of life.

Janine's Work Flow

Janine keeps busy by creating new recipes at least one or two times every week. After working carefully with her ingredients to come up with the perfect recipes, she then compiles them on her blog. And, of course, she posts about her recipes on her Instagram account as well.

Foods She Recommends and Can't Live Without

To get plenty of energy in the morning, Janine recommends superfoods, such as maca, dried mulberries or goji berries, baobab, and matcha. She also enjoys eating buckwheat, oats, and nuts to remain full until lunch.

When she gets a craving for something sweet, she enjoys raw treats and homemade cookies and muffins, but will never use sugar. Instead, she sweetens her foods with dates, which are a much healthier option.

If you are interested in learning more about Janine and accessing her delicious, healthy recipes, you can visit her 👉Mealz profile 👈. Feel free to connect with her and ask her questions if you need help transitioning to a healthier diet and lifestyle.


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