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Meet Fab Giovanetti from Health Bloggers Community

Meet Fab Giovanetti from Health Bloggers Community!
Fab is a beautiful young entrepreneur from italy is a certified health coach, business mentor and the founder of HBC! 🍎

Tell us a little about your self
I am a Italian cheeky lil monkey who moved to the UK looking to fulfil my never-ending cravings for avocado. I am a certified Health Coach, a business mentor and the founder of the Health Bloggers Community: platform, events and magazine for people passionate about health and writing.

When, How and Why did your interest for health food start?
Most people who get into health and food are conscious because of some personal experiences, and so was I. I was very lucky that my mum was really into alternative medicine and that opened up different diets and lifestyles since I was very young. Because of personal challenges, I turned to food as a coping mechanism developing binge eating disorders as well as body dysmorphia as a teenager. it all spiralled into orthorexia for a couple of years before I found some balance.

When creating recipes what do you always keep in mind?
I create recipes as I developed intolerance a few years ago and I needed to work on finding tasty food - I am Italian, I DO like my food a lot. Aside from gluten-free and dairy-free, my main motif is time. I do value my time a lot, therefore all of my recipes are usually 5/6 ingredients and they are under an hour of execution. I will not make something I would not prepare myself, and as a really hyper human being I need quick solutions.

Where do you get your inspirations?
My fridge AKA what is in my fridge. I develop recipes for fun, and they end up being pretty tasty, but I also suck at weighting and measurements. If I could, I would write ‘1 handful’ or ‘1 mug’ all the time, it drives people mad when I take a recipe and I just NEVER follow it all the way. There is always something I skip, swap or change.

What are your staple items in your fridge?
More than the fridge I guess the kitchen: avocados (DUH!), eggs, greens (spinach and kale when in a hurry), courgette (for zoodles and proats), my Primal Power protein powder and some oats. Uh, and frozen berries. Great value for the buck.

What gives you energy in the morning?
I usually train in the morning, so most days my flatmate or myself will prep a coffee before I leave for training, and I bring with me a green smoothie to have after my shower at the gym. If I am going to have a heavy training session I may have a bulletproof coffee (with grass-fed butter + coconut oil)

How often do you create new recipes?
I have a friend who writes new recipes in a notebook - I actually used to do that! Now I like to carve out an afternoon (usually Saturday / Sunday) to make the most of the light and shoot 2/3 recipes at the time. As I have been moving house, I stopped shooting for 1 month, but I think it’s time to get back to it.

What is your kryptonite?
Ah, I do not believe in kryptonite or cheat days, BUT I think my biggest downfall must be pizza. I have pizza once a month now, because the dairy and wheat combo makes me quite sluggish, but we have a great sourdough pizza place 5mins away from home, so I kinda have to.

What do you eat when you get a sweet craving through out the day?
I actually get some tea. There is a great cacao tea from LoveSuperfood Tea which I adore, and I just sip a cuppa (I drink a lot, and very fast) and wait 10/15 mins. Or, even better, I stick on my Headspace app and have a 5min meditation. Most time I reach sweets out of stress or anxiety.

Do you plan your meals in advance?
Yes, I have been on and off with meal planning, but as a Virgo I ADORE planning meals. As I am trying to simplify my diet and give my body a break with all the stress and mindlessness of the past few months, I decided to stick to really simple staple lunches and get creative for my dinners and breakfasts. I usually have 1 green smoothie and porridge every day (if I trained hard, I do like my porridge as dinner - of course LOADED with good fats and some protein). For my metabolism, carb-heavy meals make me quite tired so I find them replenishing and perfect to recharge and support muscle growth.

How does planning your meals in advance help?
I run two businesses (one including a monthly magazine) - needless to say I don’t want to think about food ALL THE TIME. Working from home really challenges you with the whole three-squared meals per day regime, so I do find that having my lunches prepped the night before helps. Plus, prepping food on Sundays prevents me from working on a Sunday afternoon replying to emails or writing blogposts!


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