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Meet Dominika Wysoczanska from Big Tree Farms

Meet Dominika Wysoczanska a representative from Big Tree Farms 🍏
Dominika works as an organic supplier and exclusive distributor for Big Tree farms!
She is a part of a health focused lifestyle company.

Tell us a little about your self
My name is Dominika. Since 2 years I’m working for Atreea – organic supplier and exclusive distributor of Big Tree Farms. I have this amazing pleasure to be a part of team focused on healthy lifestyle. Our inspiration is quote from famous Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  

What is your relationship with health and food?
I love healthy lifestyle and I believe that food is the part of it. I try to eat as healthy us it is possible for me.  

When, How and Why did your interest for health food start?
I started to be interested in healthy eating few years ago. I have been traveling in USA and I ate a lot of fast food. After few weeks I got very bad health issues and I needed to fix this as quick as possible. I was feeling horrible. At this time I have met one Lady and she gave me this book about raw foodism. It was first time when I started to think about what I’m eating. It changed a lot in my life. I've changed a lot of my eating habits and I became much healthier and happier. This was the start!

How often do you cook?
At the moment sometimes, as my partner is very good cook and usually he is a chef in our kitchen.

When creating recipes what do you always keep in mind?
They should be nutritious, simple and very tasty. A lot of veggies. Low in fat. Not too much sugar.  

Where do you get your inspirations?
Usually from books and blogs.

What are your staple items in your fridge?
Mainly: veggies, fruits, tempeh and fermented homemade products (sauerkraut, pickles).

What gives you energy in the morning?

Savory porridge or sweet (but not too much), sweet potato and sauerkraut.

Top 3 foods you can’t live without.

Sweet potatoes, chestnuts, apples.

Where is your go-to restaurant?

I’m not the biggest fun of restaurants.    

How often do you create new recipes?

Whenever I cook…

Do you study others for new recipe ideas?


What is your kryptonite?
Of course a lots of chocolate.

Favorite toppings on a salad?
Spirulina and roasted sunflower seeds.

Sweet tooth or Savory?
It depends of a day.

What do you eat when you get a sweet craving through out the day?
Big apple.

Where do you compile all your recipes?

What would you consider the most challenging in maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle and habit?
If one really wants to eat healthy, usually preparing food at home is very important. Unfortunately in today fast and busy world it is difficult to find enough time for preparing nutritious and tasty food every day.

Are you active? If so what fitness regime do you follow?
Yes – yoga, five Tibetans, running, swimming and squats.

If you could give advise on someone adapting to a new healthy life style what would it be?
Try to eat as much healthy as you can and have sometimes some nice treat.

Do you plan your meals in advance?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

If YES – why? If NO – why?
Yes, because it helps me to do better choices. No, because I’m very busy during the week days.

How does planning your meals in advance help?

When I’m planning my meals, usually they are healthier.



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