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Meet Annelina Waller from Food Without Regrets

Meet Annelina Waller from Food Without Regrets 🍇
25 year old raw foodie from Germany- She's been vegan since 01.01.15!

Tell us a little about your self
My name is Annelina. I'm 25, from Germany and my Motto is: love yourself and do something to be proud of. My heart beats for plant-based and raw food.

What is your relationship with health and food?
I was raised in a really healthy way. My parents taught me the healthy wholesome kitchen with complex carbs, refined sugar free, wholegrain products and all organic. We never went to a fast food restaurant like McDonalds or did drink lemonade (just self-made). Since I was little, I've an endless relationship with health food and it keeps on getting stronger and strongerJ. After moving to my own apartment, I ed to begin my own diet. I took the pill and that made things go bad. I gained weight, and did get digestion and concentration problems. This was the turning point. I ed various diets like lowcarb, Dukan, paleo without meat, thinking it was healthy. Then, I ed an internship at KERN where I learned a lot about health food. Also I began to create my own recipes during writing a bachelor thesis about mood food. On 01.01.2015 I turned vegan.

How often do you cook?
Daily 5. When creating recipes what do you always keep in mind? That it has to be simple for recreation.

Where do you get your inspirations?
Instagram, Facebook Groups, YouTube. 

What are your staple items in your fridge?
Veggies/ Greens, oat milk, dried fruits.

What gives you energy in the morning?
Raw Chia overnight ZOATS (overnight oats with freshly grated zucchini) soaked in water, sweetened with dates and topped with fresh fruits. Or a big GREEN SMOTHIE!

Top 3 foods you can't live without?
Carrots, Bananas, Potatoes.

Where is your go-to restaurant?
Sushi Restaurant

How often do you create new recipes?
Depends on my free time. Probably 1-2 within two weeks.

Do you study others for new recipe ideas?
I'm reading blogs, magazines and watch YouTube's for inspiration. 13. What is your kryptonite? - If you could cheat and eat anything Really hard question. Probably it would be something cheesy like cheese fondue or "Käsespätzle".

Sweet tooth or Savory?
Sweet tooth, but after eating lots of sweets I'm craving for something savor. 16. What do you eat when you get a sweet craving through out the day? Carrots, dried apricots or a date stuffed with a raw cacao bean. Tastes like chocolate, soo yuum.

Where do you compile all your recipes?
PC 18.

What would you consider the most challenging in maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle and habit?
To stay tough if there is no opportunity, alternative food for you during a social gathering.

Are you active? If so what fitness regime do you follow?
Yes, being active is my other passion. I love yoga, body weight fitness, power circle and would love to do pole fitness. Also I love running to clear my mind. I work out 5-6 times a week.

If you could give advice on someone adapting to a new healthy life what would it be? My advice would be to try a sustainable plant-based died for a certain time period and become aware of the benefits or disadvantages. To stay positive through your new goals and always keep in mind, that you are doing this for you and not only for yourself, but also for your children and the planet.

Do you plan your meals in advance?
I don't

If YES - why? If NO - why?
Because I can't plan my appetite.

How does planning your meals in advance help?
It helps for your weekly food shopping. Also it furthers if you want to coo a special recipe of if you are following a diet and want to control your food behavior.





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