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Meet Alla from AllasYummyFood

Meet Alla from AllasYummyFood!
She is a youtube sensation from Russia and loves cooking healthy meals

Tell us a little about your self.

My name is Alla and I am from Latvia. I love food and I love sharing it with others! I specialise in Russian, Latvian & other Eastern European dishes as well as yummy desserts and Healthy food. I love cooking and my passion made me want to teach people about food.

What is your relationship with health and food?
I try and eat healthy as much as I can, it makes me have more energy, feel happier and fitter. I would say its a great relationship, but I also have days off when I don't eat healthy.

When, How and Why did your interest for health food start?

It started when I lived in Thailand. The food there was all natural, ripe fruits, fresh coconuts and seafood. I started to eat healthy and experimenting with different foods and I loved it, especially how it made me feel.

How often do you cook?

I cook a lot for my job, friends, parties and sometimes for myself if I'm not too lazy.

When creating recipes what do you always keep in mind?

I always want to make sure the food looks amazing and it is presented well on a plate. Its very important for it to taste and look well.

Where do you get your inspirations?

From different blogs, cooking shows, friends, social media platforms, my grandmother and restaurants.

What are your staple items in your fridge?

What gives you energy in the morning?
I usually have a green smoothie 
with ginger for breakfast to get me started.

Top 3 foods you cant live without
Cheese, sushi, steak. 

Where is your go-to restaurant?

I love the restaurant called Tsunami.

How often do you create new recipes?
I try and create them when I am inspired, but it can be on weekly basis.

Do you study others for new recipe ideas?

Yes I do, it helps me get more creative and create my own style.

What is your kryptonite?

If you could cheat and eat anything, probably pastries and chocolate.

Favourite toppings on a salad?
Just olive oil and lemon juice.

Sweet tooth or Savory? 
I would say sweet!

What do you eat when you get a sweet craving through out the day?
I tend to stick to fruit or sugar free jelly. 

Where do you compile all your recipes?

On my laptop and my website. 

What would you consider the most challenging in maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle and habit?
Consistency and social life. Sometimes if you are eating healthy and your friends are not, its very tempting to go the other way.

Are you active? If so what fitness regime do you follow?
Yes I try and go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. I love swimming and running.

If you could give advise on someone adapting to a new healthy life style what would it be? Eat less and exercise more.

Do you plan your meals in advance?
Yes I try to plan as much as I can, it helps me to stick to a certain way of eating. 

How does planning your meals in advance help?
It helps to organise your week and not be tempted by bad food.


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