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Exciting Partnership with The Food Doctor

Here at Mealz, we have amazing news! 

We have started working with brands and we are really proud to say that one of the very first incredible brands that we have partnered up with is The Food Doctor.

Founded by two of UK's pioneering nutritional therapists Ian Marber and Vicki Edgson, to provide nutritional advice and provide balanced nutritional foods, this brand is the perfect, "practical guide to keeping fit and healthy." Not only does The Food Doctor produce deliciously convenient wholesome bars which you can buy at your nearest food store but also has a website full of interesting advice, recipes, health news, and sell supplements chosen by leading professionals in the field of nutrition.

Their clinic on Harley Street is also a place that you can schedule one to one appointments with a professional who will provide you with the right tools to achieve a healthier way of eating for life.

The Food Doctor brand crafts all kinds of "healthy foods that don't disappoint when you taste them or find out what's in them", it's almost sounds too good to be true! You are saving money on doctor's fees with an addition to your health!

Together with the 10 principles listed on The Food Doctor's site it helps you shape your lifestyle to make it healthier without having to stress about it.

Be sure to check out their recipes on Mealz and lookout for their products which you can now buy at Wholefoods, Holland & Barretts, Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado.

Have a great week!




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