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Healthy living – Kids version

If you want your children to lead a healthy life, here are some pointers you should look into. With so many suggestions with us, we have carefully sorted some of the best points that should help you feel good about the selection made for your kids.

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1.       Healthy breakfast: Your first meal of the day should be a healthy one. If you your day with something that is not good enough to keep you going till you have your next meal, you will feel the urge to have something that is unhealthy. Kids have limited options and when you are not around, they will definitely choose something that is not at all good for them. So, give them a healthy breakfast and let them have a full tummy till the next food option is prepared by you.

2.       Ask them to eat slowly: No matter what may be the situation, let your kids know that they should eat slowly and should not rush to complete their meal. No matter what may be the situation, you should ask them to go slow and eat slowly.

3.       Vegetables and fruits: If you can carefully choose fresh fruits and vegetables, ask your kids to consume a decent chunk of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. It will help them grow healthy.

4.       Give them healthy food options: White bread is preferred by many but it is not the healthiest alternative we have. So, it is important to opt for brown bread or whole-wheat bread for your kids. In many other cases like rice, pasta, etc, you can make a choice and choose the healthier options for your kids.

5.       Water: We know how important water is for us. However, we still do not manage to drink enough on a daily basis. Things are worse in case of kids because they do not know enough benefits of water. They drink it to quench their thirst and nothing else. However, water has a number of advantages and it is a good thing to let your kids know about it, in detail. Also, if you can keep them away from other alternatives like sodas and sweetened drinks, you will be in a position to make their choice simple.

6.       Give them healthy food options: We have so many healthy food items around us. So, don't simply pick one and serve it to your child. If he/she doesn't like it, they will hating it. So, don't make this mistake. Here, you can give them a list of healthy food options and let them choose one they like.

7.       Small portions: If you are serving food to your child, do it in small portions. They have a tummy but their tummy is not as big as yours. So, it cannot accommodate food as much as you can. So, try not to give them a platter and ask them to eat as much as they want. Instead, serve them food in small portions and let them come back to you if they want something.

8.       Keep a track of the calorie count: If you want them to be healthy, you should make it a point to keep them healthy by keeping a track of calories they intake on a regular basis. This is important because you do not want them to add fat to their body unnecessarily. At the same time, you don't want your kid to have only low calorie food. This will call for the underweight issues. So, keep a track on the calorie intake and you will raise a healthy child.

9.       Buy food that is good for your child's age: There are different types of food and options available for kids. People often choose a healthy food item randomly with the sole intention to give their children something healthy. However, you should know that the product chosen by you is good for your child's age or not. If not, skipping it will be good for your child.

10.   Eat healthy: This is quite simple. If you want your kids to eat healthy food items, you should eat healthy food items too. If they see you eating unhealthy food items and preaching them to eat healthy food, they will see and not listen to you. In the end, you will raise an unhealthy child and you will be the sole reason for the mistake committed.

11.   Physical activity: Ask your kids to increase their physical activity in school and at home. Kids get a number of opportunities to increase their physical activity but they do not prefer to opt for it. You can motivate them to increase their physical activity. For example, if you can accompany them for an evening walk or a morning walk, it will be great.


With these tips, you should know that you are basically attempting to live a healthy life. So, don't assume that you can practice healthy habits for a week and skip them for the next couple of weeks and still manage to stay healthy forever. That is not possible. So, go ahead and be healthy every single day, till the point of time you want to be healthy.

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