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A moment of r e f l e c t i o n

Hello : )

I'm Charlotte, and I am studying for my degree in nutrition, health and exercise at Plymouth University (ranked op 2% in the world). My passion for nutrition and food has developed over the years and evolved from a playful curiosity into an intense love affair with all things "wellness". 

My brain doesn't really ever switch off, as the volume of information that I am taking in, combined with my excitement is keeping me chronically wired - and I'm loving it!

I'm in my first year, so there's still a way to go, and i'll be posting little nuggets of scientific wisdom throughout the duration of the course! 

In the mean time, here's a little insight into how I feel about food, nutrition and health and how I plan to use it to help YOU ...

... In the human body, there are billions of functions and chemical reactions happening all the time, keeping you alive. A well-oiled bio-machine that operates unconsciously and without rest, from the moment you are conceived right up until your last breath; breaking down the food we eat into its molecular components so that it can be used to make proteins and catalyze reactions. In 1826, a French physician named Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are", which evolved over time to:

"You are what you eat"

It's a well-known saying (though often reserved for dinner table banter) but the premise is sound. Now more than ever, this way of thinking is moulding the education and interests of nutritionists, in an effort to put into place some real preventative measures against sickness. Cutting down on unnecessary GP visits.

The body can only use what it is fuelled it with. Calcium for example is a very important mineral and plays a key role in skeletal development and maintenance as well as many communicative functions such as, muscle contraction and expansion, hormone secretion and relaxation and constriction of blood vessels. For the average human, 99% of calcium is stored in bones. If a diet is deficient in calcium, the body will resort to using what it has stored, and if not replaced could lead to a reduction in bone mineral density (BDM) and strength leading to bone related diseases such as osteoporosis as well as a whole host of other issues.

Imagine that your unconscious mind had a way of telling you when things are going wrong. Wouldn't it be great to prevent these illnesses and diseases from happening? A little voice that pops up,

"Charlotte, Charlotte, come in Charlotte. This is control. I'm afraid we have a code red down here, it's now been 39 hours and 28 seconds since we were last provided with calcium and we are now running low. Please eat some kale or drink some milk, stat, to avoid tapping into vital calcium stores. Please don't make me remind you again that calcium is required for your heart to beat. Over."

(I have no idea why my unconscious brain talks like a polite pilot. I'm just as surprised as you)

If it did this, then it would be impossible to ignore it, wouldn't it? What if I told you that actually, the human body is really bloody good at letting us know what's going on, the only problem is that we have forgotten how to speak its language and how to listen for it. I thought I was pretty clued up about health, fitness and how the body works before I started university but it turns out there really is a monumental amount that I still had to learn, and I'm still learning now!

The more I find out about the body, food and exercise, and the interaction between them on every level not only from a nutritional or health point of view, but from a psychological, agricultural and political point of view, the more I find that I simply can't ignore it. The knowledge actively changes how I think and feel about what I eat, where it comes from, and the impact it has on my body, our bodies, our society and our planet.

Over this series of articles, I will attempt to condense what I have learned into easy-to-read blog posts so that I can share this empowering knowledge with whoever wants to know! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at

[email protected]


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