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Moroccan Mint Tea and its benefits

I have been lucky enough to be introduced to the traditional mint tea ceremony in Marrakech, Marocco. Moroccan people serve this tea to all their guests arriving to their houses as warm welcome. They consume a LOT of sugar with their tea but leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't agree with that so I had it without sugar... It was still delicious. It was amazing how powerful and pure the herbs tasted, they didn't need any sugar to make the tea taste richer, it was just perfect as it was. However, if you like it sweet I would suggest to try it with Eucalyptus honey. It is very rich and fruity in flavour. It is a perfect pairing. Very soothing and calming, perfect for a bit of relaxation in the middle of a busy day or after a long day.

The process if making mint tea:

  • Put loose green tea leafs in your teapot.
  • Top with a handful of fresh mint and your choice of herbs. I used fresh thyme and rosemary.
  • Top with hot water and let it settle for 5-6 mins.
  • You need to pour away the first 100 ml of tea to get rid of the bitter taste of green tea.
  • Then you can serve it to small cups.
  • Moroccan people pour tea from 1 meter above to the cup. This is to cool the tea as well as impress the guests of the house.

Drinking mint and green tea is benefitial to for many reasons. It helps to reduce bowels syndrome and easy the pain of stomach ache. Me and my boyfriend had it after breakfast as we had cooked beans and lentils every morning so you know... 😆

The refreshing power of the can clean your airways and soothe a cold, stop coughing and throathc ache.

Consuming mint tea can cure greasy skin, spots and acne throught its cleaning and detoxifying properties.

Mint tea can help speed your metabolish therefore it can contribute to weightloss. 

It can help prevent bad breath and easy a bad head ache or migrane.

I hope you guys found the article interesting. Me and my boyfriend really got into drinking mint tea in Marrakech and we definetely will stay mint tea- consumers.

If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to contact via email: [email protected]

Take care😘✌🏼️☕️🌿✨


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