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You have probably noticed that I try to avoid sugar when cooking✖️ I already wrote an article about sugar and why it's not good for you. You can find in my folder of articles.

✍🏼This time I would like to introduce you to a few natural sweetener options🌿 I often see people freaking out when we talk about sweeteners because of the bad reputation aspartame has. However, those claims are not scientifically proven on humans AND not sweeteners are synthetic. There are many natural sweetening options that has a lower GI 🚫 value (glycemic index- value of how much it raises blood sugar when consuming) and are harmless to human. 

Just to name a few of them: stevia, truvia and xylitol. 

This time I would like to talk about xylitol. I had the luck of testing Europe's leading xylitol brand- Total Sweet Xylitol. (you can get yours from here:  http://www.totalsweet.co.uk/    Thank me later! )

The name xylitol originates from the Greek work 'xyl' meaning wood. Xylitol is made of birch and beech wood or sweet corn but can  be naturally found in many plants.  There are many reasons why it is so good for you: 

  • Its GI value is only 7 which is 10 times lower than normal sugar- this is very important in terms of blood sugar. If it doesn't increase your blood sugar you will get hungry much later... hence eat less.
  • It has 40% less calories than sugar which can have a huge impact on the daily calorie intake of those who consume a lot of sugar.
  • It can help to prevent tooth decay, reduce plaque and actively promotes healthy teeth- this is really important, especially for children as the NHS spends an awful lot of money on children destistry. 
  • It is also diabetic friendly as it help to keep blood sugar levels stable due to its low GI value. 
  • It tastes just like sugar and can be used in any way sugar would be used. 

I have a list of guilt free, healthy recipes I made using xylitol: 

Healthy vegan coconut balls : 


Summery Fruit Cake: 

Guilt Free Cottage Cheesecake: 


Homemade Sugar Free Granola:


I hope this cleared up a few things and more people start using natural sweetener alternatives.

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