Hey Peeps!

So Sofia, the Founder of this website suggested me to write a little introduction about myself and my beliefs in terms of food and health. She thinks you guys might be interested ;) 

So, I am a Hungarian girl living in the United Kingdom. I am a student at Plymouth University, which is one of the best universities in the world. I am studying Nutrition, Exercise and Health. At the moment, I work as a cook for a wellknown English pubchain and I am also a private chef. I function as a lifestyle advisor as well, I have a small group of people I am helping to lose weight, get healthy, learn how to cook healthy meals. I show them the fun side of healthy lifestyle.

My biggest influencer is Jamie Oliver who I have grown up watching on TV. The job he does is amazing, he truly cares about people's health and the food he makes is delicious and beautiful! If I could do anything, I would want to work with him.

I also love Hippocrates' famous saying: " Let the medicine be food, and the food be medicine." It's crazy that this dude was speaking the truth hundreds of years ago and people still being blind nowadays, and choose not to see how right he was. People need to realise that their body is not just to serve them, people also need to serve their body. If you give good thing to your body, it will return the favour by giving you a long and healthy life.

I am working on a blog at the moment, where I will share my views on healthy lifestyle. I want to spread the world and show people that healthy eating and living a healthy life is fun! 

Being healthy feels G O O D! 

So people, you can find me on Instagram under the same name: @balancedlivingbyjj. If anybody have any furthet questions, don't be shy, message me!

My email: [email protected]

Take care,

.                JJ xx


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