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Welcome to Mealz

Welcome to Mealz!

Mealz is a cooking platform that features premium recipes from top chefs, bloggers and nutritionists.Our beautiful website allows culinary experts to share their recipes and meal plans, and health conscious users - to discover them with ease.

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What is Mealz

At Mealz, people celebrate their passion for healthy eating by discovering, creating, and sharing cooking ideas, recipes and diets, as well as planning meals in a personalised calendar.

Whether you are looking for a new indulging healthy recipe, or striving to achieve particular health goals by following a nutritionist-approved meal plan, our goal is to create the best experienece for your search for a quality food.

We envision a world in which healthy meals are quickly accessible to anyone wanting to achieve a particular health goal or generally improve their lives through healthy eating.

Essentially, we are here to make your life easier so you never have to stress about the most important part of life – food!

What is Mealz

For Foodies

Discover Premium Recipes from trusted authors through our website, social media and Facebook Messenger Bot.

Follow Professional Meal Plans from certified nutritionists to achieve your health goals.

Plan your Meals and get your cooking organized through our innovative personalised food planner.

Foodies in Mealz

For Publishers

Recipe Authors and Publishers use Mealz platform tho share their delicious creations with the world on our engaging and easy-to-use website, and through social media outreach.Join Us Today to share your recipes.

Advertisers and Brands use Mealz platform to engage with health-councious audience and influencers.Contact us for advertising enquiries.

For Publishers on Mealz

Our founder – Sofia Fominova - grew up travelling around the world exploring different cultures through cuisines. Having lived in Russia, Asia, India, Africa and Europe, Sofia believes that the best way to learn more about people, and their culture, is by sharing and experiencing their food, and drink.

“The most beautiful thing about food is that it brings us all together and helps us understand the people around us.” says Sofia.

Mealz Founder

We love collaboration!

Mealz thrives because of the fantastic bloggers, chefs and certified nutritionists, who are actively using the platform to share their creations with the world. We are constantly looking for new talented authors to join our platform, and are here to assist with the on boarding and design a bespoke commercialisation strategy for each new collaborator.

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